Wall Formwork Systems

MevaLite Formwork Systemmevalite2.jpg

MevaLite Formwork system is a modular, handset clamp system that offers contractors a high-tech, low-weight solution for greater flexibility and cost savings.
The economic advantages can be shown particularly in areas which are conventionally formed using traditional timber and plywood, such as strip footings, foundation slabs, light shafts, various   beams, landings and drain shafts.  A complete formwork set including accessories weighs about 10  lbs/sq.ft. Read more about MevaLite Formwork systems..

symons_steel_ply_2.jpgSymons Steel-Ply Formwork System

The Steel-Ply Formwork System is a pre-engineered, reusable concrete forming system. It can be used in handset or gang form applications, for commercial or residential structures.
The Steel-Ply forming system can form walls of almost any shape or size, with accessories for special structures and details. This system is more productive and economical than job-built plywood formwork.  Read more about Steel-Ply Formwork systems...


CMC Construction Services also works with these wall formwork products:


Meva Imperial

Meva STB Support Frame

Formwork System

Image of Meva Imperial
Image of Meva STB
Image of Max-a-form