Tilt-Up Engineering Services


CMC Construction Services tilt-up engineering services are available through our offices in Houston, Texas. Our enginners are certified and registered P.E's.  Services provided include detailed lift and brace designs along with embed plate drawings and more. We also provide tilt-up products needed for the job such as chairs, bond breakers, Polystyrene sheets, and more. 



Is Lift & Brace Engineering required?

Can i just purchase lift and brace inserts and place them where i think they need to go in a tilt-up panel? The answer is no. Tilt-up is an engineered system with safe working loads established by OSHA and the Tilt-up Concrete Association. CMC Construction Services has an in-house engineering staff that designs the lift and brace systems for panels using a proprietary tilt-up design program. We also have registered professional engineers on staff which meets the requirements on projects that specify the tilt-up design be performed under the supervision of a registered P.E.

Our team of licensed Professional Engineers and detailers provide lifting & bracing design and embed plate location drawings using the latest Autocad Software. Engineering services using BIM 3-D Modeling is also available. 


Lift & Brace Design

img00264-20111107-1003.jpgOur engineering staff provides lift & brace design to fit the requirements of each project.  These designs are prepared carefully and accurately by our engineers. 

We take pride in our team as they clearly communicate with the project stakeholders: contractors, engineers, architects and owners to determine the optimum tilt-up design solutions resulting in accurate drawings that meet each client’s schedule.


Importance of Bond Breaker

Is a bondbreaker required when casting tilt-up materials? Bondbreaker is one of the most critical materials used on a tilt-up project. As the name suggest, the bondbreaker will form a break between tilt-up panel and casting slab. Use a quality bondbreaker that provides a clean release from the casting slabe and leaves a clean uniform appearnace on the face of the panel. Always follow the manufactures recommendations.


Tilt-Up Products

CMC Construction Services also offers all your product related needs in order to assist you in your tilt-up job needs. Ranging from Chairs, Panic plates, strongbacks, Shim-Paks, bondbreakers, and much more....
Expanded Polystyrene Shim Pack J-6 Solvent Bond Breaker




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Meadow Burke and Dayton Superior engineering services are also available.

For information on engineering your next tilt-up project, contact tiltup@cmc.com or 281-597-5400