TCA Dallas Convention

Dallas Tilt-Up Convention & Expo 2018


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The 2018 Tilt-Up Convention and Expo will once again bring together many of the tilt-up indstry's most creative and experienced contractors, architexts, engineers and suppliers. Over three days. nearly five hundred of these professionals will share how demand for big ideas is opening the door for tilt-up methodolgy, engaging an ever-increasing number of building types in an ever-widening global market.



Location: Sheraton Dallas Hotel

                 400 North Olive St.

                 Dallas, Texas 75201

                 United States



Date: September 19-21-2018



General Overview:

Day 1- Buildings Tour, Awards Gala

Day 2- General Education, Outdoor Demo

Day 3- Design and Construction Track


Registration: Registration for the 2018 Tilt-Up convention and Expo is now open. Register online at


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