It's always difficult to predict and plan longterm for the effects of the weather, especially in construction. That's why CMC Construction Services ALWAYS offers a variety of soil retention and erosion prevention products to help you prepare for whatever may come your way. CMC has a great selection of Silt Fence, including our Shepler's Silt Fence and TXDOT Silt Fence, as well as filter fabrics to use in a variety of applications. 

In addition, using any of our Terratex geotextile products or any of the Non-Woven products that we offer perform well against erosion in the field. We also offer straw wattles (or erosion logs) that are 100% weed-free and biodegradeable. When it comes to placement and application on the jobsite, CMC Construction Services can provide any of your T-Posts needed as well as T-Post Drivers to help you get the job done right.

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Can't find what you are looking for? Please call us at 1-844-866-4560.