RMD Alshor Plus

Alshor Plus is the next generation of a proven aluminum shoring system. Alshor maintains loading of up to 21.6 kips/leg, and a multitude of labor saving details enabling shoring operations to be carried out with increased safety , improved on-site versatility and greater cost effectiveness.

Alshor Plus Features & Benefits Image of RMD Alshor

  • A fully integrated system, that can be readily combined with standard aluminum joists and stringers to provide the most effective and cost competitive support for formwork.
  • A simple, single action connects and secures all four ledger frame tabs, simultaneously making Alshor Plus the quickest system to erect.
  • Increased jack extension range allows Alshor Plus greater on-site flexibility.
  • Increased load capacity, reducing support equipment and improving cycle times, allowing fast erection and easy in-place modification, reducing site delays and construction costs.
  • Variable brace frame position allows greater economy for both high and low level support.
  • Additional safety features such as: Ledger Frame pockets at 1'71/2" centers enable the use of additional handrails increasing on-site safety


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RMD Alshor Plus Brochure  RMD Alshor Plus Technical Guide  alshor plus powerpoint  RMD Alshor Plus Parts Poster

RMD Megashor

Megashor is an ultra high-duty modular propping system designed for axial loads of up to 180 kips. But its real strength lies in its versatility. From heavy lifting towers to form carriages for tunnel formwork, bracing for excavations, shoring and trusses, Megashor can be configured for a huge variety of applications.

RMD Megashor Features and BenefitsImage of RMD Megashor

  • Eight leg sizes, ranging from 5/8” to 17’-8 ½”, plus a full range of accessories means that Megashor can be assembled into post shores, towers and trusses of almost any length, all from standard components.
  • RMD Kwikform Superslim Soldiers provide restraint to Megashor and are available in nine lengths from 3/8” to 11’-9 ¾”. This gives ultimate flexibility when planning the sizes of towers and centers of props, therefore minimizing the need for custom made equipment.
  • A unique 180 kip axial load capacity and high axial stiffness ensures that Megashor will accommodate the rigors of heavy-duty falsework, cofferdams, bridge bearing replacement and façade
  • Megashor is approved for support of bridges open to live traffic – bridge bearing replacement work can be carried out with minimum disruption to traffic flows.