Rebar Fabrication

This page highlights CMC's rebar fabrication capabilities. You can view pre-fabbed steel products or straight rebar here


Who We Are

CMC Construction Services provides a full range of rebar detailing, rebar fabricating and estimating for commercial, residential, and industrial projects. We deliver high quality rebar to our customers on-time, while exceeding their expectations at a fair price. In this highly competitive market, price is a major factor. However, CMC Construction Services adds value that many others cannot. From industry-leading customer service to advanced BIM modeling and project planning to high-quality products,  CMC Construction Services gives you and your team the winning edge you need. 


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Project Types

Working with our affiliates and contractors, we have provided reinforcing steel to many of America's largest landmark construction projects. No matter the size or complexity of the project each of our facilities has the knowledge and staff on hand to steward your project from pre-planning to completion, meeting the most stringent deadlines and logistical challenges. Simply put, by choosing CMC Construction Services, you have a proven industry leader and partner that goes above and beyond for our customers to lead in today's demanding construction environment.


Commercial and

Government Facilities


Industrial Plants















 Additional Project Types include:

Residential Communities
Power Generation Stations
Convention Centers
Water Treatment Facilities
Transportation Centers


In addition, we specialize in and use aSa software for estimating and detailed cut sheets along with the use of AutoCad for complete shop drawings. 


Our Products


For more information: The Lifecycle of Rebar.


In addition to our 20’ rebar inventory, we supply rebar stirrups, rebar loops and corner bars in multiple sizes along with other steel products

Fabricated and stock length epoxy-coated reinforcing steel
Stainless, galvanized, and purple corrosive reistant bar
Post-Tensioned cable and accessories
Couplers, formsavers, and end anchors
Welded hoops
Highway bridge expansion joint assemblies


ASTM Standard Reinforcing Bars Chart

Bar Size
Bar Size
Weight per
Foot (lbs.)
Weight per
Length (lbs.)
Number of
Pieces per Ton
      20' 30' 40' 60' 20' 30' 40' 60'
#10 #3 0.376 7.52 11.28 15.04 22.56  266.0  177.3  133.0   88.7 
#13 #4 0.668 13.36 20.04 26.72 40.08 149.7 99.8 74.9 49.9
#16 #5 1.043 20.86 31.29 41.72 62.58 95.9 63.9 47.9 32.0
#19 #6 1.502  30.04  45.06  60.08  90.12 86.6 44.4 33.3 22.2


Green Building

616165_10151180349555955_549313963_o.jpgAny steel mill owned by CMC utilizes state-of-the-art Electric Arc Furnace Technology, which is comprised of 98% recycled content on average. All of CMC's products play a major role in "Green Construction" and are a positive contributor to the LEED rating system.


Our geographical dispersion of our recycling, steel making and fabricating facilities are within 500 miles of almost all possible construction sites in the U.S. For more information and the Official CMC LEED Letter, click here.

Call 1-800-729-1150  or email for a quote or any questions you may have on your next  rebar project.