Nox-Crete Products Group Inc.

When Nox-Crete Products Group introduced the world’s first chemically active form release agent in 1956, they revolutionized the concrete forming industry. Today, Nox-Crete manufactures a full line of specialized concrete construction products, including form release agents, tilt-up bondbreakers, flooring products, water repellents, decorative sealers and patching materials. Contractors, architects and project owners rely on Nox-Crete as a trusted source for high performance products.

Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Nox-Crete Products Group is a third-generation, U.S. owned and operated company and their chemical products are manufactured on-site where strict attention is paid to quality control of every product produced. Accessible technical expertise, responsive customer service, performance-driven products and a worldwide network of distributors and dealers make Nox-Crete a valuable partner in the success of any construction project.