MevaLite Formwork System

MevaLite Formwork Systems

MEVA Formwork Systems´ new lightweight clamp system. It is designed especially for those concrete works where crane support is limited and most of the cycling work is manual. The lightweight innovation is based on a special, two chamber aluminum hollow profile panel frame which, although light, enables high tech features normally found only in larger, heavier panelized formwork systems.

MevaLite Features and Benefitsmevalite2.jpg

  • A true handset system with no crane required
  • Provides a sturdy, high load capacity of 1,350 psf
  • Panels are available in (4) heights: 9’, 6’, 4’, 3’
  • Fewer parts, less inventory than traditional formwork systems
  • Symmetric panels and tie holes
  • No top or bottom to the panels
  • Panels can be constructed horizontally or vertically