MEVA Imperial

High quality clamp system for safety and efficiency in construction: the symetric Imperial Wall Formwork System. It‘s strong, unique and fast to assemble. It can be applied in horizontal and vertical position. It takes a concrete pressure up to 2,025 psf. The biggest panel provides a forming surface of 96 sq.ft.


MEVA Imperial Features & Benefitsimperial.jpg

  • Features flexible modular panel configuration
  • With 1”, 2” and 3” fillers, requirement to cut wood JBF’s are reduced by 80%
  • One piece walers, reduce time to assemble from five pieces to one
  • 12’-0" panels allow walls to be formed up to 12’-0 with the use of one form
  • Dywidag thread nuts make attaching accessory hardware fast and simple
  • All media are attached with a flange screw
  • Clamps offer five point alignment, thus reducing the need to adjust forms to become aligned
  • Plastic alkus facing reduces grinding of joints and eliminates the imperfections caused by plywood



Technical Instruction
Manual Part 1

Technical Instruction
Manual Part 2

Technical Instruction
Manual Part 3

Meva Imperial

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