How Can We Help You and Your Crew Stay Safe?



At CMC Construction Services, we always put safety first – and that commitment extends to our customers, too! When it comes to safety, our goal is to provide customers with the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), jobsite products and services necessary to work safely – all at a fair price. This means aligning your needs with the work conditions and the city’s regulatory compliance regulations to ensure your team is working safely all summer long.





You and your crew can depend on our CMC sales professionals who are trained from Day ONE in safety awareness to advise you regarding the right wearables, tools and accessories. They can guide you to right products based on your jobsite requirements: whether a residential construction site or chemical plant.

Summer is here and it’s getting HOT in the Southern U.S. Check out our online summer product mix. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we’ll have it at a branch - call us today at 844.866.4560.



*Local delivery, most instances


10' x 10' E-ZUP Tent Orange 10' x 10' E-ZUP Tent Blue First Aid Kit
Hardhat Sunbrero Hard Hat Extender Resin Full Brim Hardhat

Neck Sun Shield Lime-Full

Brim Hard Hat

Neck Sun Shield Safety Short Sleeve Hi Viz T-shirt
Safety Long Sleeve T-Shirt Safety Glasses Black Polarized Safety Glasses- Gray Lenses
Kneepads Kneeboards Gloves
Sqwincher Power Packs Sqwincher 20oz. Ready To Drink Water Cooler (3 Sizes)
Cup Dispenser 5-3/4 oz Cone Cups