Achieving high quality finished concrete and preventing excess cracking due to rapid moisture loss is a common goal of contractors. CMC Construction Services offers a variety of products, from curing mats to curing blankets, to help assist in the curing process.

With the help of curing mats,hair line cracking can be prevented and moisture loss can be prolonged. Burlap, which is a woven canvas made out of hemp or similar fiber, used for sacking can also be used as a curing blanket when laid over concrete and soaked to slow the process of curing.

Cotton curing blankets not only prevent moisture from leaving the concrete at a rapid rate due to heat but can also assist in the curing of concrete during cold weather situations by retaining heat to assist in the curing process. 

Ultra Cure DOT blanket also provides a heavy duty curing blanket but also features a perforated vapor barrier on one side to help minimize concrete overheating to maintain moisture levels and protection against UV degradation.


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