AccessTile™ ADA Handicap Warning Tile Cast-In-Place

Manufacturer: Access Products Inc

  • Installs in minutes during cement finishing stage
  • Replicability feature of the tile is industry leading due to its simplicity and speed
  • Tamper-proof, stainless steel fastener maintains flush interface with walking surface
  • Corrosion resistant hexagonal anchors designed to entrap concrete for optimal anchoring
  • Anchor and fastener material compositions allow for reliable and secure installations when multiple replacements are necessary
  • Large interface between tile and anchor seat are maximizes support at each fastener location

  • Multiple fastener locations to ensure full anchoring of tactile surface
  • Structural spine ensures stiffness and strength
  • Tiles shipped with removable protective plastic film o provide a clean surface after installation
  • Interactive sizes- all tiles maintain pattern repeat when mounted side-to-side or top-to bottom

Access Tile products feature a wide range of both Cast in place replaceable and Surface apply OSHA approved detectable warning tiles. Sizes ranging from 36” Long up to 60”. These mats are easy to install and easy to replace requiring no heavy machinery saving time, effort, and man power.  Available both in Cast-in-place (wet set or fresh concrete) and Surface apply (Cured concrete).

 ACC-R-2436 CR
AccessTile™ 24"x36" ADA Tile Cast-In-Place
$106.66 / EA

 ACC-R-2448 COL
 ACC-R-2448 CR
AccessTile™ 24"x48" ADA Tile Cast-In-Place
$142.21 / EA

 ACC-R-2460 COL
 ACC-R-2460 CR
AccessTile™ 24"x60" ADA Tile Cast-In-Place
$177.76 / EA