Tilt Up Systems

Power Shep Lift-Directional System

Download the Power Shep Lift-Directional System Brochure

A maximum lifting capacity of 22,400 lbs. (2.5:1 factor of safety). Made in the U.S.A. with high strength, low alloy CMC steel. Assembled and ready to use with void-former and base attached. Available for both face lift and edge lift applications. Features notches for rebar tying. An easy to use double bar is available for double insert requirements. May contribute to LEED® points in green building applications.




Gyro Tilt Plus Non Directional System

Download the Gyro Tilt Plus Non Directional System Brochure

The Dayton Superior T-49 Gyro Tilt Plus Face Lift Insert is a 3/4” diameter insert manufactured from high quality steel. The hot forged head is engaged by the system hardware. The insert assembly is complete with plastic void and plastic protected wire base. The insert assembly is easily positioned and tied to the rebar mat and requires no special orientation. SWL provides a safety factor of approximately 2:1 in 2,500 psi weight concrete.